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According to the 2006 Census, South Asians are now the largest and fastest growing cultural group in Canada. The estimated population of south Asians Canadian is 1.5 million and still growing faster than any other ethnic group in Canada.  

Express Media Network (EMN) based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s leading south Asian Media Company serving Canadians of South Asian origin since 2005. Express Media’s flagship publications – Weekly Canadian Express Urdu, Weekly Canadian Express English, popular and posh lifestyle magazine Monthly South Asian Xpress and Hit Desi radio programme Sangeet Studio are among the most influential media outlets in south Asian Canadian market.      

Express Media Network has joined south Asian Canadians in all major urban areas in Canada to deliver quality ethnic content. Publications are also available online. 

Sangeet Studio delivers music, news, sports and talks local or international with unique Canadian and South Asian perspective.

Whether something happens around the corner or around the world, EMN experienced through print and broadcasting medium keeps each of their respective communities apprised.



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